The Importance of Guarantees and Warranties When Buying a New/Replacement Roof

If you have just bought, or are about to buy a new or replacement roof then you might have been told about guarantees and warranties. Both of these things are very important when it comes to saving you time and money, but it’s important to recognise the difference between the two.

We take a look at what they are and why they are important when buying a new roof.


A guarantee is effectively a promise made by the manufacturer that the product in question is made to a certain standard; if something goes wrong that you could not control, they will replace or fix it. You can also put in other types of claims although it will be up to the company whether they have covered it or not.

Guarantees usually come with a booklet explaining all the ins and outs including what is included and how to make a claim. Guarantees are also usually free of charge.

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A warranty is something that you pay for and is quite like an insurance policy, although not exactly the same. A warranty is sometimes referred to as an ‘extended guarantee’ as it lasts longer and, depending on the type you get, it can be a lot more extensive in what it covers. A warranty and a guarantee can be in place simultaneously.

Fixes Your Problems

Whether you choose to stick with the guarantee or pay for a warranty, if you’re having a new or replaced roof, they can be incredibly beneficial. They will ensure that the roof is fit for purpose and will make certain that the integrity of the roof is completely maintained.

Having either a warranty or guarantee in place means that, should you have any defective parts, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to repair or replace what’s wrong. Roofing isn’t something lots of people know about, and if it were to be completed to a poor standard it could have horrible consequences. With a warranty or guarantee, you can rest assured that your problem will be fixed without you having to do anything except inform the manufacturer of the issue.

Cost Effective

Having a warranty or guarantee for your roof is extremely cost effective. Guarantees are usually free; you’ve literally got nothing to lose!

Many would argue that warranties are worth paying for, especially when it comes to roofs. Although this might mean you have to shell out a small sum to begin with, you’ll realise just how useful that initial investment was if you do hit any trouble. Peace of mind in return for a small, inexpensive fee is something to consider carefully.

Warranties are beneficial for lots of different products, but particularly for roofs, simply because of the high cost of replacements and repairs as well as labour time.

Legally Binding

Both guarantees and warranties are legally binding contracts, which means there’s no way a manufacturer could refuse to fix your problem if it falls within the terms of the agreement.

A guarantee also adds to your rights under consumer law. A warranty does not particularly add to your rights, but it certainly doesn’t take away from them or do any harm at all. If you decide to buy a guarantee or a warranty you can rest assured that the terms will be adhered to by the other party, otherwise they will be breaking the law.


In conclusion, having a guarantee and/or warranty when buying a new or replacement roof is extremely important. There are so many benefits that it’s an obvious choice.


Image Credits: Dana Dean Roofing and DBduo Photography

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