A Guide to Buying Flat Roofing Waterproofing Membrane

Building a property is all about thinking long term. Whether you’re constructing a huge flat roof warehouse, a holiday villa, or a modest home in the city, it’s vital that you make your creation last. So when constructing a safe roof over your head, you need to make sure you’ll still have that same protection after a big storm or a winter of never-ending rain!

Making everything watertight is especially important for structures with flat roofs due to the challenges caused by drainage and water retention. When you’re buying the waterproofing membrane it’s vital to understand exactly what you need; the below guide will help to provide an overview of the essential elements.

The Big Benefits

As with many property-related purchases, buying waterproofing membrane for your flat roofing should be considered as an investment. If you aren’t exactly sure what it is and quite why it’s so vital, this section will run through the basics.

There are lots of different ways you can seal your flat roof, but the most important thing you need to realise from the start is that doing it right the first time is a big priority. Buying a high quality waterproofing membrane will save you no end of trouble later on in your property’s life when it withstands everything the sky can throw at it.

Although there are a number of choices you could select to ensure your flat roof is waterproofed sufficiently, the most common choice is the single ply membrane. Used extensively in the commercial sector for decades, it has now become available for domestic use too.

Put simply, single ply is a type of thermo plastic material which uses heat and adhesive to create an ultra-strong bond which has a far greater capacity than the original membrane before treatment. Because the seams are fused so tightly, the entire membrane acts as one large, flexible sheet, reaching into every small gap and crevice on your roof and providing superior protection.

Bitumen or felt can still be purchased as a means of protecting a flat roof and undeniably, they will still provide a decent result if they are fitted correctly. However, they don’t offer the same range of benefits as a single ply membrane which is not only simpler and quicker to fit, but also provides protection for a far longer period of time. A single ply membrane can last as long as 25 years, far outlasting more traditional types of waterproofing.

Ask Away

Maybe you’ve done your homework, but the experts of the industry will always have great advice and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions to be certain you are getting the product you want.

Many customers may have never had to purchase a new roof membrane before so it’s only natural that you will have lots of queries about the materials and probably the process too. A reputable roofing company will be more than happy to help you understand how a waterproof membrane will be fitted to your flat roof, and should be able to answer any questions you may have.

If you are a complete novice, you may not even know where to start; after all, fitting a flat roof membrane isn’t something that you think about every day! Once again, you can let the experts guide you but below are a list of topics you may want to raise:

  • what product is being recommended – and why
  • what are the alternatives
  • how long will it last before it needs to be replaced
  • does it come with a guarantee or a warranty
There are many other things you may want to ask depending on your specific property, but the above points should help get you thinking in the right direction.

Quotes and Reputation

Once you know what you need, it’s time to get a price. The aim of the game is to get a good quote, but a lower price doesn’t always mean a better product. When you’re buying flat roofing waterproofing it’s absolutely vital that you think long and not short term. Interloc Roofing Specialists will price up your job and ensure you all the materials you need ot complete teh work, just give us a call on 0870 050 5925.

In no way should you assume newer companies, or cheaper companies are going to be bad, but sometimes industry cowboys will leave you up the creak without a paddle. Since severe weather could mean leaks and floods, this might be a phrase that becomes slightly more realistic if you’re not careful!

Get your quotes, compare prices, and make sure you do online searches to find out what customers have said about the companies before you make your decision. Find out how many flat roof membranes the company has fitted before and if their website doesn’t have any testimonials or a gallery of completed work; ask them for some examples before signing on the dotted line.


You can’t put a price on a good investment, and buying the right flat roofing waterproofing membrane from the right people is a combination that you’ll be grateful for in years to come. Remember to always do your homework, and don’t be afraid to respectfully decline if you think there’s a better deal elsewhere!

The most important thing in our guide though isn’t what you get done or what you pay, but the company you hire. Quality of craftsmanship should be top of the priority list, so make sure you hire professionals who can build to last.

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