5 benefits of installing a green roof

Ever seen a house with a roof top garden and wished you could have one? Now you can! These are called green roofs and they are very easy to install with professional help. Here we will provide an explanation of green roofs and five ways you can benefits from having one.

What is a green roof?

Green roofs (sometimes known as living roofs) are roof coverings that have vegetation growing on them. This vegetation is intentionally grown and many homeowners also use their green roofs to establish habitats for local wildlife. Green roofs are ideal for those who want to give their flat roof a purpose.

There are two different types of green roofs to choose from. The first are extensive green roofs, these are made of a shallow layer of substrate that is planted with low-growing and stress-tolerant grasses, mosses and alpines. This type of green roof requires little to no maintenance.

The second type of green roofs is known as ‘intensive.’ These green roofs feature a thick layer of soil that allows for a variety of plants, vegetables and even small trees to grow. Intensive green roofs require frequent maintenance just like a traditional garden.

1) Increased property value

We all know that giving each room in our homes a purpose helps to increase its overall value, however did you know the same goes for outdoor features of your home too? The roof is usually one of the most under utilised features of properties. By having a green roof installed, you can give your roof a purpose and therefore increase the value of your home.

Green roofs also give homes unique potential that buyers look for. You can use your green roof to plant vegetables and flowers, whilst also using it to sit out on during the summer time. Potential buyers are sure to love the idea of this when they are looking around your home.

2) Green roofs trap moisture

The fact green roofs trap moisture may sound like a bad thing, but it is actually beneficial. Green roofs keep the rain that falls onto flat roofs in the soil and the plants, rather than letting it pool on the membrane surface. This leads to a decreased risk of deterioration and leaks.

3) Improved air quality

Having a green roof can also improve the air quality in your immediate environment. This is due to the fact that the vegetation you are growing reduces both pollutants and dust particles in the air. The natural evaporation of water from the plants and soil will also help to keep the air cool and humidified.

4) Improved energy efficiency

Green roofs offer greater insulation properties than other types of roof covering. Installing a green roof will reduce the amount of energy needed to moderate the temperature of your building. The less energy you use, the more you will be able to save on your bills, whilst also doing your bit to help the environment!

5) Reduce noise pollution

Something you may not know is that green roofs have excellent acoustic qualities for both internal and external noise. They are particularly good at blocking low frequency sounds. It has been said that extensive green roofing can reduce sounds from outside by up to forty decibels and intensive green roofs can reduce sounds from outside by between forty six and fifty decibels. This is very beneficial if you live near an airport or industrial developments.


If you are looking to renovate your home and are thinking of replacing the roof, we highly recommend investing in a green roof. Whilst helping you to save on the cost of energy and reduce the risks of leaks, it will also provide a place where you can sit outside in the summer time and grow your own plants and vegetables.

Image credits: Ryan Somma & mag3737

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