The Value of PVC in the Roofing Industry

Polyvinyl chloride, most commonly known as PVC, is a versatile and durable plastic that has an abundance of uses and applications. PVC is the third most widely-produced plastic, on its own it makes up almost 20% of global plastic consumption.

We take a look at the value of PVC when it is used in the roofing industry.

The Use of PVC

PVC has a wide range of uses and is found in many aspects of modern living; it is used to coat wires and cables, it is used to protect pipes, it is fashioned into signs and furniture, and sometimes even clothing. But PVC really comes into one of its most important roles in the construction industry.

Alongside being used as thin coating for pipes and wires, it can be used en masse in construction projects to protect certain elements of your home from deterioration and weathering. As such, PVC can actively decrease maintenance costs and increase house value. One such way in which this can be achieved is through an ingenious use of PVC in a house’s roofing.

PVC in Roofing

Originally introduced in Europe in the 1960s, PVC roofing systems revolutionised the way in which a roof serves a house by increasing the longevity, heat and fire resistance, chemical and water resistance of conventional roofs. Not only this, but it allowed for easier installation and maintenance of roofing systems.

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The Value of PVC

PVC solutions in roofing offer so many benefits over some of the alternative options, that it’s easy to see why PVC is an incredibly common sight on roofs throughout the UK today. There are various benefits that PVC provides for your roof, so let’s take a look at some of them:

Easy Installation – PVC roofing is incredibly easy to install. The majority of PVC installations can be placed on top of an existing roof, enhancing the roof of your home without requiring extensive removal of the existing one. Not only this, but there is practically no waste during the installation process, making it environmentally friendly and reducing logistical issues.

Water Resistant – When it comes to holding off the rain and standing up to damp and moisture-related maintenance issues, PVC comes out on top. As a plastic, PVC is not susceptible to mould or rot like wood or some other roofing materials, and it is substantially more resistant to weathering and erosion from adverse weather conditions.

Energy Efficient – Most PVC roofing installations can be identified by the bright white colour they possess. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes though; PVC is brilliant at reflecting sunlight and heat away from your roof. As such they can improve the performance of the existing insulation under the roof by up to 50%. Also, if you have any solar panels in place, PVC can enhance the amount of sunlight they collect.

Easy to Maintain – PVC roofing lasts a lot longer than other options; a good PVC roofing system can last up to 20 or 30 years. As such, you needn’t worry about replacing it over time and the incidental maintenance costs are practically non-existent. It’s incredibly durable and can happily sit on your roof, braving the elements with little consequence and little negation of its structural stability.

Sustainable – Sustainable might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to plastics, but when compared to other materials, PVC in roofing is a very eco-friendly option. Not only is there practically no waste from installation, but as maintenance is severely reduced, any waste from that is negated (not to mention time and money). Due to the longevity of the material, PVC roofing systems can help reduce the flow of plastic to landfill sites. Most PVC roofing systems are also very much recyclable; once they’ve served their purpose on your roof, they can be recycled back into roofing products to be used again elsewhere.


PVC has massive value in the roofing industry; it really does provide a better solution to roofing issues than the ones offered by other materials. PVC provides extra durability, longevity, aesthetic appeal, damage resistance, energy efficiency to your roof, along with a whole host of other benefits.


Image credits: Joe Shlabotnik and Thedaddy_Chazz

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