A Guide to Leister Hot Air Guns

Whether you are shrinking, welding, heating or drying, a reliable hot air gun which is easy to use is an essential for every toolbox.

Leister have a range of hot air guns which have quickly been established as setting the standard for the industry, suitable for both professionals and amateur DIY enthusiasts alike.

We take a look at some of the Leister hot air gun models on the market and the particular applications which they are most suited to.

Leister Triac S

The original Swiss model is still one of the best and most popular models available on the shelves. Despite its diminutive size, it packs a powerful punch and consistently delivers a strong and perfect weld across a variety of plastics including PVC, ABS, PP and HDPE.

Designed for continuous operation, it incorporates an automatic motor shut off at minimal carbon levels. Both the carbon brushes and heating elements can easily be replaced. The cost of the latter will vary depending on the voltage of your particular model.

Although the Triac S is a cost-effective solution, it can be used for a wide range of operations in addition to welding thermoplastics such as heating components for bending, coupling and forming, adding solder to copper tubing or metal foils, a variety of heat-shrinking tasks as well as activating hot melt adhesives. It can even be used to thaw out frozen water lines without cracking the pipe!

Leister Triac AT Digital Display

One of the most recent members to join the Leister family, the Triac AT Digital Display was introduced as an updated replacement for the Triac PID.

The end result is an ergonomically sound and intuitive designs which combines all the best features from the previous best-selling models but with the addition of some nifty tweaks.

Like its predecessor, the Triac AT is capable of dealing with even the most challenging of plastic joining jobs but with a repositioned digital display, it’s now much easier to keep an eye on the temperature as you work. And with independent controls over both air flow and temperature it’s possible to use the tool for both fine welding as well as the various types of general plastic welding.

The tool has an inbuilt diagnostics suite, as part of the innovative e-Drive system, which means there is no need to guess when the air filter or carbon brushes need changing. The Triac AT will also provide a warning if the voltage drops to a level where the quality of the welding could be compromised, ideal for site jobs.

From a practical perspective, the Triac AT features a soft outer shell and a protective heater tube which helps to prevent accidental burns to the user. And at just over 2lbs in weight, it’s light enough to allow you to operate the tool steadily for long periods without straining.

Suitable for commercial as well as heavy domestic jobs, the Triac AT can seam weld vinyl floors and thermoplastic roofing systems, join plastic sheeting for billboards as well as seal tunnel and landfill liner seams in civil engineering projects.

Seam rolling accessories

Once you have decided with Leister model is best suited to your needs, you might also want to consider picking up a couple of accessories which whilst not essential, will certainly make the job easier and provide a more consistent and flawless end result.

The 40mm seam roller is designed to be used in conjunction with any of the hot air gun tools, and allows the overlap weld seam to be pressed together with precision, without risk of personal injury.

The penny roller is another tool which could make a real difference to finishing the job. Perfect for detailing, it is particularly useful for getting into the edges and corners on single ply flat roof membranes. Designed to be used outdoors in all weathers, the penny roller is anti-corrosive and will not warp under either pressure or heat.


Leister have developed a range of hot air guns which have become the first choice for professionals and offer a huge range of applications from heavy commercial projects such as billboard adhesion to simple household tasks such as stripping paint.

Whatever your needs, a hot air gun is a vital part of any toolbox; make sure yours is a Leister.

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